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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hi Human Democrats,
So now that Trump will be president, what will become of Obamacare (Affordable health Care)? Well, Obamacare appears to be safe. Trump is now saying he wants to keep a number of Obamacare ideas like not denying insurance for existing health problems and providing insurance for all American humans. But that is Obamacare. Trump says he wants to make it work better, but glitches and necessary adjustments in the system were expected by President Obama, and Hillary Clinton would have made adjustments had she been elected. The importance of Obamacare is not the details, but the fact that you have started on the road of sensible distribution of health care which the Republicans would not have started if left alone. Before Obamacare, Tea party Republicans considered health care a privilege rather than a right. That meant if one could not afford healthcare, one went without care or to a hospital emergency room, which was poor medical care and contributed to driving up the cost of health care. If Trump were to dump Obamacare as some of his Tea Party friends would like, his core blue color working class supporters, many of whom depend on Obamacare would get a sudden kick in the pants. Trump can’t afford to do that.

There are other aspects of a Trump presidency that are more troubling. I will address those later.

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