Hi Humans,

Don't be shy. If you want to comment on my blog entries, please do so. You don't have to be a dog to say what you think. or if you have a pet dog and want to have your dog speak for you, that's also OK. I would like to hear from you or your dog.


Monday, October 31, 2016


Hi Human Donald Trump Faithful Supporters,
Donald and his Breitbart friends are planning to make money with a "news" media to stir up and represent angry humans. That media will make money from this new movement. They have assigned a dollar value to you because to Donald you are a commodity, just like the students of phony Trump University. Only humans would allow themselves to be played like that. We dogs are smarter.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Hi Humans,
I admire you humans for your willingness to observe rules. You call it socialization, and you teach it to your children at an early age (by parents and nowadays also in pre-school). We domesticated dogs learn it too. You guys teach it to us (yourselves or in obedience school). Socialization is important to make one’s way in life (for humans or dogs). For a dog it is a matter of survival. If a dog remains so unsocialized that he or she bites humans or defecates on the floor in the house or rips apart the furniture or shows any other destructive actions, that dog could end up in the pound and euthanized (a scary thought). For a human the consequences of inability to socialize are usually not so fatal, but it can certainly affect the quality of life.
Now look at the human, Donald Trump. He seems to be challenged as to socialization. He has plainly said that he can’t stop himself from touching female humans whom he finds attractive. Any criticism causes him to react with little thought. Any flattery will make him your devoted servant. It is amazing that so many humans will follow such an unsocialized leader. Well, this mass human behavior is nothing new. It has happened many times in the past.


Saturday, October 15, 2016


Hi Humans,
So the election is approaching, and it looks like Hillary will win, and Donald will lose. But if you are for Hillary, don’t get complacent, be sure to vote, and advise all your friends to vote for Hillary. Hillary is honest, competent, experienced, and sane. Donald is the opposite. Every time Donald throws out a criticism of Hillary or anyone other than himself, it seems that he is actually talking about his own misdeeds. I think that’s where he gets his ideas.


Monday, October 10, 2016


Hi Humans,
Did you watch the debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Hillary was calm, composed, and presidential as usual. Donald couldn’t stand still. He kept pacing nervously around the stage, looking creepy, and at times following Hillary. As for substance, both essentially said the same stuff they have been saying all along. The one interesting development was Donald saying he disagreed with his running mate Pence concerning the situation in Aleppo. Pence favors intervention, and Donald is an isolationist with no concern for anyone outside his wall. Well, I’ll be happy when November comes and Hillary will be elected president.


Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hi Humans,
As a domesticated dog I admire your human concept of civility. Unlike our cousins in the wild, some of your civility has rubbed off on us domesticated animals because we have been hanging around with you for so many centuries. But we still have our wild doggy instincts that break out no matter how much we want to fit in with you. On the other hand you humans have not lost all of your uncivil behavior, and unfortunately you have the great power to create much greater mischief when you are uncivil. For example, we dogs are not the ones who try to settle our differences with guns and wars. Now in the present US elections, look at Donald Trump. He seems to be unable to control his instincts no matter how much he tries. Donald needs to go to obedience school.


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hi Humans,
The television humans said Pence won the Vice President Debate because he looked more presidential than Kaine. On the other hand, Kaine spoke the truth, and Pence did not tell the truth. When Kaine brought up dumb things that Trump said and Pence parroted, Pence denied that he or Trump said them, but the truth was plainly evident when one looks back at what was said. It seems in judging the debate appearance trumps the truth. Oh well, Hillary is winning anyway, and that’s what really counts. By the way, we are still waiting to see Donald's tax returns.


Monday, October 3, 2016


Dear Human Donald Trump,
I have written a little poem for you.

Little Donnie looked up,
Little Donnie looked down,
Little Donnie put on
His most serious frown.
Wherever Donnie glanced,
Perhaps to find by chance,
Alas, what can one do.
No tax return was found.


Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hi Humans,
Did you see Saturday Night Live last night. Of course the elections were front and center. The show started with a great parody of the debate. The best joke I heard was during a later segment, a parody of Family Feud featuring the Trump family and friends versus the Clinton family and friends. The joke was presented by Larry David playing Bernie Sanders. It went something like “Hillary is like prune juice. She doesn’t taste so good right now, but she will prevent you getting clogged up with 4 years of crap later on.” I didn’t see the rest of the show because I had to go to bed (the show comes on at 11:30 PM here in Los Angeles), but I am sure I missed plenty of good stuff.


Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hi Humans,

It seems that whenever Trump says something derogatory about Hillary Clinton, he is talking about his own inadequacies.
He says “crooked Hillary” when he is the real crook. Look at Trump University where he stole money from vulnerable humans.
He condemns the Clinton Foundation which is a real charity that really does good deeds, but his Trump Foundation is mainly a front organization which benefits Trump himself financially.

He brings up Bill Clinton’s philandering, but Hillary Clinton is the one running for president, not Bill, and Trump himself has been an obsessive philanderer.

Trump made a big deal about Hillary’s stamina. Hillary showed complete stamina throughout the 90 minute debate, but Trump quickly fell apart. One could see the comparison clearly in the split screen.
So, anytime Trump criticizes Hillary, one needs to examine Trump to find the source.