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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gun Owner Responsibility

Did you hear about the massacre at the Navy Yard in Washington? Another screwball was able to buy a gun even though he had a record of mental illness and violence. Gun control laws with teeth are needed to prevent more of these horrible massacres. If I may be so bold as to suggest some real legislation (although I am just a humble dog), why not make laws that make gun owners truly responsible for their guns and the damage that they might cause. Any gun sale or gift (by a gun store, gun show, or a private individual) should involve a registration with the police and a thorough background check of the recipient of the gun. This should be put into a national computer system which also contains all police records which would raise a red flag if there were a prior arrest or investigation into the activities of the gun recipient and would prevent the transfer. If a gun is lost or stolen, the owner should have to immediately report it to the police. If a gun results in death, injury, or is involved in any kind of crime, the gun owner should be held liable and can be punished with a fine and/or imprisonment. If a gun is transferred illegally (i.e. without being reported to the police and without a proper background check), the gun owner prior to the transfer should be considered to be still the owner of the gun and should be held liable for any harm done by the gun. This would give gun owners an incentive to be truly responsible for their guns. It wouldn't protect the rest of us creatures from your human "sport hunting," but it would at least protect you humans from yourselves.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Human Cruelty

I see in the news that the Syrian government has been using nerve gas against the rebels and anyone who gets in their way. We dogs can not comprehend the cruelty of some of you humans.