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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Purpose of Religion

Belief in God is a unique ability of you humans that separates you from the rest of us creatures in the world. But you so often distort it, politicize it, and use it for devious purposes. Look at the recently killed Bin Laden. He committed mass murder in the name of religion. Bin Laden was not killed in the name of any religion. He was killed because he killed other people.
Killing people "for God" makes no sense. After all why do humans believe in God? One must assume that long ago back in prehistoric times when humans developed language and the ability to record oral history, they were now able to realize that life is temporary. This realization must have been frightening then as it is now. So, religion must have been then, as it still is, an attempt to deal with the inevitable tragic fate of all living creatures, including humans. Although this concept does not pin down the nature of God with any certainty, it does give a reason to think about Him. But to believe that one is supposed to kill people who disagree with one's fixed religious ideas, goes contrary to the purpose of religion, and is immoral as well as crazy. If I were a human and had a religion, I would not squander it on evil as Mr. Bin Laden did.