Hi Humans,

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all you Humans and all other creatures as well.

Let's hope that 2014 will bring only good things to all of us (like maybe you guys will finally stand up to the gun bullies and make some real gun control legislation).
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Duck Killers

Hi Humans,
There has been a fuss on the news about some guy on some show called "Duck Dynasty" who says dumb and hurtful stuff about people he does not like. So the television network suspended him, but then the people who watch the show put up a fuss and the network put the idiot back. Apparently the big thing about these Duck Dynasty people is that they enjoy killing ducks with guns as well as saying dumb and hurtful things about people they don't like, and there are enough dumb humans out there to support them and force the television network to allow them to continue. What if the ducks had a television program about flying ducks dropping bombs on bearded stupid humans with guns? Wouldn't that be fun?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

American Studies Association Boycott

Hi Humans,
You humans can sometimes take a noble cause and twist it for some other gain, often political or economic or prejudice. An example of this has been done by the American Studies Association in advocating a  boycott of Israeli Academic Associations. As a dog living in a Jewish home, this even smells a little bit like anti-Semitism (although I know it is not politically correct to make such a suggestion).
These human university professors with their supposed extra big brains should know better. I realize that not everything that Israel does is perfect. I think the settlements are dumb and not in Israel's best interest. There are other suggestions I could make as to what Israel might or might not do, but I don't live there, and I don't have to face the problems that Israelis have to face with their neighbors. Israel is a stable democracy in a region of instability (all citizens both Arabs and Jews are equal before the law), America's best and most reliable ally in the Middle East, and the most advanced nation in the Middle East with a potential to spread that advancement to its neighbors (already happening quietly). Boycotting Israel's academia means boycotting the most liberal segment of Israeli society which is most open to improving relations with the Arab world including the Palestinians. It does not take into consideration the cooperation which is occurring on the ground between Israeli and Arab scientists (including Palestinians) in efforts like the regional SESAME project or the cooperation between Ben Gurion University and Jordanian scientists in creating a man made reef in the gulf of Aqaba. This boycott is hypocritical in ignoring the many truly cruel and dysfunctional governments like the one in Syria that has been killing so many of its own people, or Somalia which is ruled by pirates and dueling war lords, or Iran which is trying to develop a nuclear bomb and says Israel should not exist. Israel withdrew from Gaza as a first step in giving independence to the Palestinians but the Gazans then elected a Hamas government that insisted that Israel should not exist and backed up that opinion by shooting rockets into Israel as well as killing a number of their own people who disagreed with them. No wonder the average Israeli citizen is skeptical about leaving the West Bank without hard security guarantees to prevent it from becoming another Gaza next to Israel's population center.
But what do I know? I'm just a dog. I don't have a super big brain like those university professors.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hi Humans,
You Humans have this concept of God which you express through an endeavor which you call religion. We animals, who live only in the present, do not have that concept or that endeavor. There was a time when you were blissfully ignorant like the rest of us. But then you developed the ability to speak which led to the ability to talk about the past and the future which led to the realization that none of us creatures (humans included) lives forever. It must have been scary to the first humans who discovered their mortality so many thousands of years ago. You even discuss it in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. In those early days, primitive humans grappled with the idea of making sense and order out of a seemingly senseless and chaotic existence. And so they came up with answers that made the most sense to what they had to work with, namely the idea of gods that give order and meaning to everything. Ultimately, these thoughts evolved into a concept of one God which made more sense to some people, traditionally at first the Hebrew people, and ultimately in different religions to many or probably most of the humans in the world.

There are some humans called fundamentalists who believe that the books of their particular religion or religious sub-group are the words of God and the absolute truth. Therefore anyone who disagrees is not telling the truth (lying or ignorant). Some of them carry this insistence so far that they are willing to die for their beliefs or kill other people who disagree with them. Some humans believe that some religious shrine belongs to their particular religion and are willing to go to war to keep that shrine.

Then there are humans who believe in the basic ideas of their religion but not that every single word in their holy writings are the word of God and the absolute truth. They are known as non-fundamentalists.

Then there are humans called atheists who believe that there is no God. They point to all the evils that have been committed in the name of God. They generally think of religion in a fundamentalist way and in a way are themselves reverse fundamentalists.

Then there are humans called agnostics. They do not know whether there is or is not a God. You might say that they are non-fundamentalist atheists. Like the non-fundamentalist religious people, they allow for discussion.

Now if I were human and able to speak, my choice would be to consider the non-fundamental religious option. I think that best fits what those primitive early humans were looking for, namely making sense and order out of a seemingly senseless and chaotic existence. The question of whether God exists or does not exist is necessary only if you think of existence in only a material way. There is perception and there is hard material existence. Atheists and religious fundamentalists really think in a hard material way. For them there is a struggle between what comes first, perception or material existence. For non-fundamentalists and agnostics, it is an open question that can be discussed.

We think of scientific fact as having an independent existence. But the laws and theories of science begin with observations or in other words perceptions which form the basic premises on which logic and experimentation lead to new ideas and ultimately practical material chemicals, devices, etc. that contribute to the quality of life. But if there were no consciousness to perceive the environment, there would be no science. When the tragedy of a human becoming brain dead occurs, the bones and muscles are still there. The blood still flows. But there is no consciousness, no perception. For practical purposes that human is dead. Physicists have discovered all kinds of sub-microscopic particles with theories and technical equipment. They are believed to exist because of a line of thought going back to some human perception. For all we know there might be all kinds of material existences around us that are not perceived and have not been extrapolated. So what? Until they are discovered and given an impact on the perceived world, in a sense they don’t exist.

So, if I were human and had the need to make sense of existence, I would want to believe in God. But that would not mean slavishly following some strict set of rules. I would believe that the purpose of religion is to give meaning to existence and if one has found that life has meaning no matter how it turns out and how one has arrived at that finding, then one has found God.



Monday, December 16, 2013


Hi Humans,
You humans have the ability to communicate with words because you can speak (an ability we dogs lack). But instead of using your ability with words wisely, many of you twist your words to support some cause. For example, take the word "conservative." Conservative means moderate, cautious, the opposite of radical. However, in recent American politics, it has become the opposite. We have people in the United States who call themselves conservatives but are actually quite radical in their willingness to go to any extent to thwart not only ideas with which they disagree but also people (like our president) whom they don't like. For example they were able to shut down the government for a period of time by defunding it because they oppose the Affordable Care Act. The venom that one hears spewed by these so-called conservatives against President Obama no matter what he does is hardly conservative. They have taken over the Republican party and denounce the "moderate" true conservatives in that party. They say the moderates are not conservative enough, but what they really mean is they are not radical enough. They think any reduction of government is desirable. The definition of no government is anarchy. But they would never admit to being anarchists because that is a bad word as opposed to conservative which is a good word.
You humans look down on us dogs because we can't speak words, but maybe you guys are not so smart with how you use those words.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Human Technology

Hi Humans,
You guys rule the world with your big brains and your technology. Your technology has brought a lot of good stuff to your human species and to some extent to us domesticated creatures who live with you. But your technology also poses danger to yourselves and to us. The challenge is to use your technological advancement to make the world a better place in which we can all live without destroying it in the process. Medical advances make our lives longer and more pleasant, but overpopulation will eventually fill up the world and leave no place to reside. Development of energy sources contributes to the quality of life for people and their pets, but unrestricted development has led to problems like global warming. Nuclear energy has great peaceful purposes, but how are you going to prevent some screwballs from killing all life with nuclear bombs?
What can I do? I am just a dog. Humans, the ball is in your court. I hope with your big brains, you can figure it out.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

After Newtown

Hi Humans,
In a few days it will be 1 year since the Newtown Gun Massacre. Little or nothing has been done to correct the insane poorly regulated availability of guns (including assault rifles) in the United States. In any community there are bound to be some crazy individuals. The present situation allows them to obtain firearms suited to mass murder like the one used in the Newtown Gun Massacre. But what has been done to keep guns out of the hands of screwballs like the one at Newtown? Mr. Wilk, the state representative in the California district where I reside, still asks on his web site whether one is for or against the Second Amendment. That is code that says he opposes gun control. Otherwise he would ask the real question, "Are you for or against gun control?"
Humans! Wake up! Oppose the gun bullies! They value their deadly toys over your right to life. It is time to vote their tools like Mr. Wilk out of office as soon as possible.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi Humans,
I can't understand why you humans with your big brains are addicted to so many things that are bad for you. Maybe if you were more like us dogs, you wouldn't be so foolish. Some addictions, like guns, you allow with a dangerously minimal restraint. With other addictions, like narcotics, you continue with the same ineffective restrictions endlessly. It seems like fashion and politics play a greater role than reality in making your decisions.
Some people oppose any restrictions on guns because they say if all the individual people have guns then they can all protect themselves from each other. Does that really make sense to you? That sounds like anarchy to me. Other people say that we should remove all restrictions on narcotics. Then the gangsters wouldn't be able to sell it illegally which would drive down their profit. They say the prohibition of alcohol led to the gangster alcohol business until prohibition was removed. Maybe that's a little na├»ve.
Let me make a suggestion. Why not make the various addictive gadgets and substances legal but with great government restrictions, licensing, control, and heavily taxed. This should include tobacco, all firearms, and narcotics. The sale or gift of any of those products outside the licensing control of government should be against the law and severely punished. The tax money should go completely to finance treatment programs, prevention programs, and law enforcement to correct and control  the addictions. The gangsters would try to make money by selling their products without paying the tax in order to undercut the legal sales, but the increased law enforcement paid for by the heavy tax on legal sales would fight them.
But what do I know? I'm just a dog.