Hi Humans,

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Humans More Gullible Than Dogs

Hi Human ISIS Candidates,
I hear on the news that some of you young humans are leaving the West and going over to Syria to join ISIS and other Muslim extremist organizations, or are staying put and becoming local terrorists. Are you crazy? That kind of bad behavior does not promote real religion. It perverts religion. The purpose of religion is to give meaning to life. Those terrorists want to use religion to justify murder. Going to ISIS or being a local terrorist will probably get you killed. Killed means dead, like no life, like the end, like nothing. If there is a Heaven, murdering other humans won't get you there. And there are no guarantees that the place really exists. Only a human can commit murder and other atrocities and claim to be doing it for God. We dogs would never be so stupid and cruel!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Can't Satisfy Everyone

President Obama recently hosted an international summit about combatting ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. Interestingly, on television when various humans were asked their opinions about the President's speech, an American Muslim leader complained that the speech emphasized Muslim terrorism as opposed to terrorism in general. Well at this point in time, the major terrorist groups happen to be Muslim. The terrorists don't represent all Muslims, but they are Muslim. On the other hand, a Republican politician interviewed complained that Obama talked too much about how to win over the Muslim world rather than just focusing on how to clobber them. Well, the purpose of the summit was to bring together various coalition nations (including Muslim nations) so that we are not left with the go it alone and clobber them approach that exposed the limits of our power and destroyed our economy during the Bush years. To defeat ISIS, etc. without making the mistakes of his predecessor, he has to be diplomatic. You can't expect him to wage a holy war on Islam and expect the Islamic nations to willingly follow along. So, if President Obama is getting it from uncompromising extremes on both sides, he must be doing something right.