Hi Humans,

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Political Language

Hi Humans,
It is interesting how you can tell a human's political affiliation by what he says when he is talking about something other than politics. You humans, especially politicians, have a way of saying things that are politically correct rather than speaking directly about the issue.
For example, I am sure you have heard about the terrible gun murder in Colorado Springs. Today on CNN the governor of Colorado and the mayor of Colorado Springs were interviewed. The governor stated that there have been  too many mass murders in the USA, and something needs to be done about it. What was implied but not said is that guns are too available to every screwball who wishes to shoot other humans for whatever reason or just for the fun of killing. On the other hand, the mayor gave a wishy wishy desire for something to be done but said one must not go against the Constitution. One can tell from what they said that the governor is a Democrat and the mayor is a Republican. And looking them both up on the internet confirms this suspicion. The governor implied but did not directly place the blame where it belongs on the gun anarchy in the USA. The mayor put the special interests of the NRA and the gun anarchists ahead of the safety and welfare of the citizens and his own police.
We dogs are more direct.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mr. Trump and Mathematics

Hi Mr. Trump,
I understand you said something like the victims of the Paris murders should have had guns. I supposed you said that because defense of gun anarchy in the USA as opposed to gun sanity in other developed countries is the mantra of the Radical Right whom you are now courting to win the Republican nomination. 
Well, Mr. Trump (and other gun anarchists). These are the facts.
Including the 2990 victims of 9/11, in the 12 years from 2001 to 2013, deaths from terrorism in the USA were 3380 or an average of 282/year. Since the US population has been around 300 million lately that is about 1 victim in a little over 1 million people per year. That is too much and needs to be corrected and avenged. But compare that to the 33,875/year or in other words 8,856 per million people killed in gun violence each year in the USA, and you see gun anarchy is an even greater threat. Compare that to the 30 per million deaths per year related to guns in France (population 60 million). Even if you add the 150 people killed this year by terrorist guns in France, it pales in comparison to the gun deaths per population in the USA each year. So the numbers show that simply arming the civilian population in France would not have made France a safer place. That simplistic pseudo-cure would have been worse than the disease. Bigger minds than Mr. Trump are needed to figure out the best defence against terrorism. Even a little dog like me can see that.