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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Dear Human Donald Trump,
Let me give you some advice since you are slated to become President of the USA soon, and you say you want to unite America. I know I’m just a dog, but as a domesticated dog I am an astute observer of human behavior. After all, what else do we pets have to do?

You say you want to unify America. I will believe it when I see it. Certainly, your behavior during the campaign did not indicate so. You insulted more than half of the people in America. You can’t spit on people and expect them to love you. So you have to admit that you insulted women, minorities, people of various religions, Gays, and others. Then you have to apologize to them. And you have to reverse yourself and repudiate the bigots in your base, the KKK who support you, the alt right in your inner circle, and the people at your rallies who shouted Nazi slogans like “lugenpresse” and “JewSA.” You also need to admit to your lies about the press being rigged and apologize to the journalists. Also you need to apologize to Hillary Clinton for the lies you told about her.

You also have to repudiate the Tea Party Republicans like Pence and Paul Ryan who want to eliminate taxes on the rich and make the poor and middle class pay the tab.

You also have to stop your love affair with Putin and reassure Europe that America isn’t going to sell them out. You might also admit to whatever ties you have with Putin and Assange concerning hacking into the emails of Clinton and the Democratic Party to get you elected.
Oh, one more thing. Promote stronger gun control laws. How can you honestly pretend to “keep America safe” when you promote a gun anarchy which gives terrorists and screwballs easy access to military style guns to massacre Americans.

Maybe if you do all those things, you might be able to say that you can unite America. But then would you still be Donald Trump?

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